Dimitra Kouzi


Journalist, Author, Co-Director, CineDoc

• Born in Athens in 1971.

• Graduated from the German School in Athens.

• M.A. Communication, LMU University, Munich; also attended courses at the Munich School of Cinema and Television.

• In 2001-2013 I worked as a journalist at the Hellenic Broadcast Corporation (ERT) (until ERT’s shutdown).

• I co-presented live from Athens the Olympics 2004 opening ceremony for the German television channel ZDF.

• In 2007-2011 I selected and acquired documentaries for ERT Digital channels cine+ and prisma+, for which I acquired over 1500 hours of independent documentaries per year. I also represented ERT at ARTE’s monthly programme conference in Strasbourg (2007-2008).

• In 2008-2013 I worked as a journalist for ERT’s culture news programme Simeio ART, writing, producing and presenting stories about documentaries, arts and culture. During the same period, I also produced and presented DocStories, a radio programme focusing on documentaries and storytelling on the public radio.

• In 2009 I co-founded CineDoc (www.cinedoc.gr), an innovative public media initiative screening European and international documentaries throughout the year in Greece. I now co-organize, produce and present CineDoc and related events parallel to the screenings, including workshops, master classes, discussions and performing-arts events aimed to inspire community action and to bring together documentary professionals from all over Europe.

• I write on documentary-making and storytelling on dimitrakouzi.wordpress.com.

• Since 2012 I have worked for Prix Europa (The European Broadcasting Festival).

• I conceived the original idea and conducted research for the documentary Little Land, produced by Anemon Productions, ERT and ARTE, and broadcast at the ARTE Greek Theme Day in August 2013. I presented ARTE Greek Theme Day, a 24-hour television special programme in which 17 documentaries and two fiction films aired.

• Since December 2013 I have been an independent Greek news correspondent and producer of stories for the Deutsche Welle.

• I am fluent in German, English and Greek.


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